History of NSE Eket Branch

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Eket Branch started as a Chapter of Uyo Branch in the early nineties. The Chairman of Eket Chapter was Engr. Daniel I. Bassey, who became the Vice Chairman of Uyo Branch in 1999 and eventually, the Chairman of Uyo Branch in 2000. It was during his tenure as the Chairman of Uyo Branch that the application for the creation of Eket as a Branch of NSE received attention in Council.  In December 2000, Council approved Eket as the 44th Branch of The Nigerian Society of Engineers, and Engr. Aniefiok A. Umanah, FNSE emerged as the pioneer Chairman of the Branch.  The Branch was officially inaugurated in February 2001 by Engr. Ahmed Gumel, FNSE who was then the serving NSE President. Engr. Umanah pioneered the affairs of the Branch from 2001 till 2005, with the following officers:

  1. Engr. Dr. Julius Aniyi, MNSE                   -           Vice Chairman
  2. Engr. Imaobong Inyang, FNSE               -           Secretary General
  3. Engr. Felix Igweze, MNSE                        -           Treasurer
  4. Engr. Kemderim Okorie, MNSE              -           Publicity Secretary
  5. Engr. Collins Ijeoma, MNSE                    -           Technical Secretary
  6. Mr. Imo B. Akpan, MNSE                           -           Assistant Secretary

The inertia of building the Branch was not without its preliminary challenges. Within the first 2 years, the branch secretariat was at no 77 Eket Oron road. This office space, rent free at the time, was courtesy of Engr. Kemderim Okorie, MNSE, who was the Publicity Secretary of the Branch. The Branch’s monthly meetings were held at hired Council Hall of Eket Local Government after which time, the management of Royalty Hotels Ltd. offered a free hall within its facility for Monthly meetings till today.  In January 2003, the branch bought a desk top computer, hired and equipped an office space at no 10/18 Udofa Avenue, which is still serving the branch till date as its secretariat.

 In November, 2005, Engr. Imaobong Johnson Inyang, FNSE took over the leadership of the Branch from Engr. Umanah and handled the affairs of the Branch till 2009. His tenure witness lots of innovations in the Branch, including the launching of the website of the branch,establishment of a library with books donated by Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, and the foundation laying ceremony of the Branch Engineering Centre. Also, during his tenure, the Branch took active part in group dynamics competition, being the annual ranking exercise for all branches in the federation and rose from 17th position in 2006 to 5th position in 2009.  His team included:

  1. Engr. Felix Igweze, MNSE                  -      Vice Chairman (2005- 2007)
  2. Engr. Thompson J.Manam, MNSE  -      Vice Chairman (2007-2009)
  3. Mr. Imo B. Akpan, MNSE                    -      Secretary General (2005 – 2007)
  4. Engr. Ayodele Farinloye, MNSE        -      Secretary General (2007 – 2009)
  5. Engr. Aniekan Otongaran, MNSE     -      Treasurer (2005-2007)
  6. Engr. (Mrs) Pauline Ekong                -      Treasurer (2007-2009)
  7. Engr. Emem B. Ekong, MNSE          -      Technical Secretary (2005-2007)
  8. Engr. (Mrs) Uzo                                    -      Publicity Secretary (2005 -2007)
  9. Engr. Emem B. Ekong, MNSE          -      Publicity Secretary (2007 -2009)
  10. Engr Chuks Nwauzor                       -      Financial Secretary (2005 -2007)
  11. Engr. Aniekan Otongaran, MNSE   -      Financial Secretary (2007 – 2009)
  12. Engr. Aniefiok Umanah, FNSE   -           Ex-officio member.

Engr. Thompson J. Manam, FNSE succeeded Engr. Inyang in November, 2009 and was in charge for a while . His team maintained the steam of the Branch in the annual group dynamics, where the branch came 6th in the 2010 competition. During his tenure, the Branch boasted of hosting every National President till at least once a year. The Branch was also poised under his administration to complete the Engineering centre project and ultimately take the NSE, Eket Branch to another level. His team included:

  1. Engr. Ayodele Farinloye             -      Vice Chairman  (2009 – 2010)
  2. Engr. Aniekan Otongaran          -      Vice Chairman (2010 – date)
  3. Engr. Tamuno Iyeimo                 -      Secretary General (2009 – date)
  4. Engr. Linus Ezeghara, MNSE     -    Assistant Secretary (2009 - date)
  5. Mr. Aniebiet Udoh, MNSE           -      Technical Secretary  (2009 – date)
  6. Mr. Iniobong Esuene, MNSE      -     Assistant Technical Secretary (2010 - date)
  7. Engr. Mrs Pauline Ekong            -     Treasurer (2009 - 2010)
  8. Mr. Nsikan-Abasi Ikono, MNSE  -     Treasurer (2010 – date)
  9. Engr. Emem B. Ekong, MNSE    -     Publicity Secretary (2010 - date)
  10. Mr. Nsikak Udoh, MNSE               -    Assistant Publicity Secretary (2010 - date) 
  11. Engr. Odudu Udoh, MNSE,          -    Financial Secretary (2009 - date)
  12. Mr. Okon Nsa, MNSE                    -     Assistant Financial Secr (2010 - date)
  13. Engr. Imaobong Inyang, FNSE   -     Ex-officio

A couple of administration has passed and till date the branch is still waxing stronger.