As part of the 8th general meeting of the Young Engineers’ Forum of Nigeria (YFEoN), which was held on the 21st of March 2020 at the Jacob’s Hall of Villa Marina hotel, Eket. The students and corp members present were opportune to witnessed a Career counselling and Job Fair Demo presented by the Assistant Technical Secretary of NSE Eket branch, Engr. Lawrence Akubue, MNSE.

In one of his remarks, Engr. Lawrence urged members of the forum to be part of environmental development, as it is the duty as Engineers to shape this world with new ideas. He did not pause on that but further stressed the relevance of execution of ideas as he said “it is not enough just having ideas; execution of these ideas to solving real life problem should be the focus”.

His expository presentation on Curriculum Vitae (CV), stirred the minds of all in attendance, especially the students. He exposed the recipes for good curriculum vitae, yet did not fail to mention it is not a guarantee and absolute solution to getting a job but an advice drawn from experience which increases one’s window to an opportunity.

Engr. Lawrence further encouraged the corps members and students to grasp every opportunity available to them in enriching their CVs as he stressed the importance of professional certifications as related to their various engineering divisions.

Attendees also witnessed an enlightening entrepreneurial talk, handled by the External Relations Officer of the Forum, Mr. Ugochukwu Mberede, on the topic “Entrepreneurial Engineering”. A talk where he charged the students and corp members to, while seeking for jobs, be employers of themselves and solve problems affecting their environment.