The Jacob’s hall of Villa Marina hotel in Eket, Akwa Ibom, on 29th February 2020 played host to this meeting, as it has to previous meetings past.

The branch Chairman, Engr. Aniebiet Udoh, MNSE during his opening remark, welcomed all present as he gave updates on the Engineering Building. He cited the staircase as an area of focus for completion to avoid further deterioration.

The Chairman, in a bid to increase the number of members with COREN registration, requested a list of branch members presently not COREN certified, proposing a seminar for their enlightenment on the examination and other benefits of COREN certification, both individually and the branch at large.

He clinched with encouragement to members of the branch on completing their COREN registration, with much to advantage from being COREN certified.

On matters concerning inspection of the China Market construction site ongoing at Grace Bill road, Eket. Due to safety concerns raised by the branch Vice Chairman, Engr. Hassan Natala, MNSE over the type of earthing system used in that metal work construction. Engr. Godwin A. Umoh, MNSE a past Chairman, after much deliberations by members, stated “NSE Eket should always address matters that affects its territory” and opined a visit to the State’s Commissioner for Works as regards the ongoing project at Grace Bill.

Without further ado, the Chairman constituted a team to visit the China Market construction site. This team consist of the following persons; Engr. Aniebiet A. Udoh, MNSE, Engr. Hassan Natala, MNSE, Engr. Paul Okon, MNSE, Engr. Dr. Babalola Abdulrasheed, MNSE and Engr. Godwin A. Umoh, MNSE.

The technical section held during the meeting was presented by the Assistant Technical Secretary, Engr. Lawrence Akubue, MNSE on Dynamic Map Creation and Application, Using Micro Soft Excel.