Ibom Power Visit

On Friday, 8th February 2019, the Eket branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers embarked on an industrial visit to Ibom Power Company (IPC), Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State. The NSE team, which was led by the Branch Chairman, Engr. Aniebiet Udoh, MNSE, arrived at the company premises at about 10:00 am and was received by Mr Erasmus Ekpobo. After a brief introduction of the company’s personnel as well as the NSE Eket team members, a safety orientation was conducted by Engr Iniobong Udofia of IPC. The Chairman of NSE Ikot Abasi branch, Engr. Akanimo Usoh, MNSE who is also the Head of Engineering in the company, gave a welcome address and expressed how glad he was to have the Eket team and mentioned that the absence of the top management staff was due to an official assignment in Uyo. The NSE team was provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) before the facility tour started at about 10:45am.

The guide, Mr Jerry Ubon, took the team around the facilities; some of the key points are:

  • Commissioned in 2010, the installed capacity of the power plant has been progressively increased  

  • The plant operates as a simple cycle gas. A typical combined cycle plant would include a steam turbine and equipment for making steam with the heat from the gas turbine effluent gas

  • Three gas turbines are installed, all manufactured by General Electric (GE)

    • One GE Frame 9 turbine with an installed capacity of 115MW

    • Two GE Frame 6 turbines with capacities of 38MW and 37MW respectively.

  • At the time of the visit, only the Frame 9 turbine was running with a load of about 90MW - the other units were not in use due to insufficient demand and maintenance issues. It is worthy of note that transmission line capacity constraint limits the incentive to keep all power generators online.

  • At the control room, the plant and machinery are constantly monitored via the Turbine control system, called a Mark V system.

  • Gas supply to the plant is from Septa Energy Company Limited with options to also obtain gas from other companies like Frontier Oil Limited. A gas meter is installed for determining the quantity of gas consumed for billing

  • Water is used to cool the machines and an air to water heat exchanger is used to extract the heat from the hot water before it goes in for another cooling cycle.

  • Air inlet filters are installed to protect the gas turbines against pollutants in the ambient air.

  • Ambient conditions mainly temperature, pressure and humidity are factors that affect the output of a turbine.

  • Oil-cooled step up transformers are installed to increase the generated voltage to ~132kV for transmission (into the national grid). Station Service Voltage Transformers (SSVTs) are also installed to provide low voltage power for the substation consumption.

At the end of the tour, Engr. (Prof.) Umana Itaketo, FNSE, expressed satisfaction on the company’s operations and facilities and also tendered appreciations to the management of the company for having the team.

Among the Eket NSE team apart from the aforementioned were some executives and members of the branch, namely: Engr. Hassan Natala, MNSE; Engr. Segun Komolafe, MNSE; Engr. Paul Okon, MNSE; Engr. Edima Ekanem, MNSE; Engr. Mary Umoh, MNSE; Engr. Michael Fabiyi, MNSE; Mr Lawrence Akubue, MNSE; Mr Emmanuel Adenola and others. It is notable to mention that the young engineers were also part of the visit and were in their high numbers.